Zef's Hareem

"Wish Zef a happy birthday from us - his biggest fans! We have loved you and Zef since we saw Living In The Future on Newgrounds. Everyone we know loves all your songs and videos, and we all love Zef's song! We will be singing it in art class on Monday because we can sing in art classes. Thanks again! Can't wait for Stunners 130!



Anna, Emily and Laura Florida

PS - here is another verse for Zef's song:

Zef zef he is cool we all love him in our school Truth be told it is our dream To be Zeffy Zef's hareem"

Zef had a good birthday.Not only did he get a song - Zef loved his song, and from the emails and myspoaces etc seems y'all did too - his Mam bought him and his mate Tom down to London to visit his brothers. What a nice Mam! What a lucky Zef! Her boyfriend Keith followed them about the place with a camera because he is amateur paparazzi.

What Zef wanted to do was go on a boat and get a hat. So they went on a boat.

And Zef got a new hat from the Stoke Newington New Era Cap Emporium, that also sells ludicrously expensive Nikes.

Did I mention the boat? It was a pretty cool boat. If it hadn't been for all the millions of other people filling up the lake and getting in the way of the oars, it would have been a very tranquil time. As it was, Zef, Tom and Adam were followed around the lake by boats full of teenaged girls. So it goes.

Thanks for all the messages, MySpaces, and emails suggesting CD makers. Hopefully one of these leads will bear fruit. Safety!