Zef (He's Still Great) MP3

Another lush day in London and I'm inside editing videos. Maybe I can allow myself a wee bike ride mayhap? Hmm? We shall see.

Anyway! Due to popular demand (we see you Zeph), here's the MP3 of Zef (He's Still Great) by me and The Svenhunter.

Enjoy that thing!

Then enjoy Dizzee spitting LARVA on Wayne's Fireman beat. I got excited!


I'm toying with the idea of having a messageboard on here. I suspect, you see, there is a mine of knowledge, thought wisdom and hilarity in youse lots, that, if left to your own devices, could turn into something wonderful. Any thoughts on that? Yae? Nae? Any type in particular you like?

Oh, and here's another Superdick. superman mocks the idiocy of lois lane

Actually, that's kind of fair enough. OK, THIS is a real Superdick.

the real superdick

Look at his FACE! Oh GOD! I will never sleep again!