You're gonna love yourself in the morning

Sophie sent me this shit but I have to share it with you. Gonzo's Allmusic page, spookily, claims his real name to be Sacha Baron Cohen. I say spookily as I have NEVER SEEN THEM IN THE SAME ROOM. Gonz retired just before Borat appeared. Think about it. SPOOKS.

I have made a new song every day this week. I haven''t been out since last Saturday, which was an excellent time, and I have smoked a lot of weed.

I have an inbox full of scorn at my strange suspicion that those benefitting most from the events of September 11th might just have had something to do with it (check this hilarious read regarding the US and Pakistan's pre-911 preppoing! Ludicrous. I am considering shaving my head.

While Fiddy and The Game squash their squinty eyed beef, Arab and Jewish emcees go at it.

In my stats page, that tells me half my bandwith dissapeared last night because somebody stuck one of my gay pictures on their avatar and frequents some giant Canadian community where 30,000 people at a time communicate purely by the posted image... In that page, I get a top ten search terms thing, that tells me what the people who end up at my site were looking for. People are strange.

1 16.67% akira the don 2 2.78% stunners international 3 2.78% wade crescent 4 1.85% akira the don drinking song 5 1.85% digihad 6 1.85% hot 97 the game diss freestyle 7 1.85% jackie o feat. ying yang twins 8 1.85% oye micanto de nore 9 0.93% 50 cent-this is how we do copy and paste 10 0.93% aftermath music gametime 11 0.93% akira lane 12 0.93% akira the don samples 13 0.93% all i want for christmas is to get crunk 14 0.93% adam alphabet cunt 15 0.93% arena magazine abi titmus 16 0.93% belina carlisle 17 0.93% bloods and crips talking about getting shot 18 0.93% margo stilley hardcore pics 19 0.93% christmas freestyle rapping 20 0.93% cibelle photos