You're As Right As Rain

Good day brothers and sisters. It is a good day. Eh? Hey. Yay. Happy Halloween. I am celebrating by... writing a song. I keep thinking I've got ATD15 sewn up, then something comes along. There's this last minute addition happening - I gotta thank Just Blaze for it, really. Thanks Just Blaze. This is lovely. Really it is. 66 BPM. A sample. Some drums. I bought some egg shakers in Ireland. Been freaking those. A little beatbox. Simple ass ole break. Ba-BVOOM-CHA - Bvoom-CHA. Ali's downstairs putting his make-up on. He looks good, no doubt. Somewhere out there my peoples Baz and Debs and brand new baby Noah are getting down. Big up them. Big up Martin and Mary. Saturday! Jeres is doing a gig tonight. I should be there, but this song is happening. So big up him. RIP Paul Fox from The Ruts, thanks for the riff. Big up Luke, seeing some Nazi band with my lil' brother. Big up Zef, out there in Chester, rowdy little sod, making it happen. Big up Mary in her new house the landlord ain't cleaned - I know how that goes! Mika and BJ in their own house, no sofa and a nice low table. Big up Wade, living the dream in Tokyo. Shout out to my babydoll, working late. Big up Mothers and fathers and daughters and sons everywhere.

Big up your SELF, you rule!