Young Buck Crying On The Phone

From Playlouder: I was gonna write something about recently demoted G Unit member Young Buck shouting "fuck G Unit" a lot onstage the other day, then I thought, nah, this stuff is played out and lame, I dont wanna talk about it.

Then this morning, I wake up to a tape recorded phone conversation between Young Buck and 50, in which Buck basically sounds like he's crying, and begs 50 for his job back.

Part one is basically all Buck going on about how loyal he is and how he's never say anything about 50 and how wants back in.

In Part two Buck cries about his money situation and appologises to 50 and says he's confused then actually cries actual audible tears.

Shit is horrorful to listen to, really. Shame on 50 for putting this out there just to sell a few more copies of the new G Unit album (tagged as it is with "thisis50dotcom!"). I feel traumatised. I just heard a guy get his life ruined.

It is ruined, right? In this rap landscape where careers are built on hardness and cashsplashiness, a guy can't come back from being recorded crying to his boss about money, right?