Fine the breweries. Says James Whale. He is complaining about the huge piles of vomit in the streets. He says if you are caught fighting in the street you should be locked up for 6 years. Yeah!

An email titled "More Peace" from Kid West contains this link. That's where the child up there came from.

They swore Bush in.


Someone, perhaps, said.

Protestors got arrested, or detained until Bush was done being sworn at in.

I'm reading Joe Sacco's 'Notes From A Defeatist'. It is excellent, of course, and has a great strip about working in a library in it.

Haha! The radio, talking about George Bush's inauguration, said "protesters had use pepper spray on protesters". No they didn't!

What a dumb thing to say!

Still. These are dumb times.

Catch all that stuff about Iran in the Bush speech? See that thing about Salman's fatwah? Bush Wars Part III... Heeeeeeeeeere we go!