Yo Donovan Its Tuesday Already!

Yeah, I am totally sat around with my thumb up my ass.


See, what happened was, was I got back off tour to discover that The Life Equation's CD booklet got printed wrong. Just 4 pages instead of 12. Anyway, turns out that in my rush to get out on tour I had made ten, and not the tweleve required (this doesn't explain the four pages that were printed, but never mind that right now). So I am making the final two pages, which are, as with my previous album releases, a beautiful and vast photo collage spanning the recording process.

WHICH YOU CAN BE IN! If you leave a comment with your photo in it in the next half hour. They're already doing it on Twitter and Facebook, which are great avenues for that sort of thing, BUT YOU CAN DO IT HERE TOO...

So I am finishing that off, and doing the sleeve for LITF 2.5 which is about to drop, and the TLE T-Shirt, which I HAD a version of, but realised that I could do a better one... so yeah, I am doing that, amongst other things. My apologies for the delay in all the stuff, but I am but One Don, and I aim very high.

Anyway. How have YOU been?