I have been very productive and very drunk all on my own, although people come round and visit, like Trey who bought me free Von Dutch clothes and weed, and Paul, who bought advice. I have made lots of noises and started writing a book too, I really don't know how I find time to do these things but there you go. I had a lucid dream too, which was way more fun than real life, although I did some bad things in it, which means I must be bad myself. I KNEW THAT ANYWAY THOUGH!

One again I race the internet cafe clock, so if my spelling is bad, blame that. And the booze. You will be glad to know I am leaving the country on Sunday, and flying to New York, which I like very much, so I shall see you my dear, and you, you spaz.

It goes without saying that I am currently facing the hugest ammount of email I have ever seen. It is quite depressing. Not as depressing as other things - I was so depressed when I woke up today I berrated Wade and went back to sleep, and lo, did stay there for far too long.

Still. Nobody is physically torturing me. And I have a roof. And a lots of songs in my head. I am full of love too. And drink.

Last minute says the internet man! I must post.