Yeah yeah yeah Whatever (or) NUMBER 1!

So, ITunes didn't get the song online till Saturday. Other netfolks cocked up too. But like I give a single fresh FOCK, sonny - CLONES is at NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the CultureDeluxe Chart.


Oh happy day! That beats number 73 in the "real" charts any day of the week! I am so happy I just sneezed! Let us celebrate! All back to mine! You can share my cold!

From the Culture Deluxe front page:


It's been a long time since the CDX chart has seen one single enjoy such a meteoric rise in popularity. However, this week Akira the Don has attracted a record number of votes (most high too) and shoots past Madonna, Franz Ferdinand, the Arctic Monkeys and the Arcade Fire to take the number one slot. Now, we are all agreed that Clones is a damn fine track, built around an excellent Alice Cooper sample with cutting and relevant lyrics delivered on top, but this sudden public interest may actually stem from Akira posting the link to the charts on his website this week. Well, we say good on ya, and welcome all new CDX users who've come through this route, and, indeed, welcome to Akira himself. May you enjoy this number one, and may it make up for not even reaching the top 75 of the UK charts. Yes sir, the British single buying public are the real villains here!

I would dissagree, actually. They rule! People kick ass! Kiss them every oppurtunity you get! Even if they have colds!

So, on an uglier note, I have been monitoring this shamefull new lurch into the past - wherein a lady's right to decide whether or not to bear a sprog is refuted - with some unease. In America Roe VS Wade looks likely to be overturned, leading to a glorious new era of bloodied coathangers and the like... Anyway. They tell me it could never happen here. "it could ever happen here!" they say. But no! I just peeped the newsrack next door, and today's Daily Mail headline screams "50 Babies A Year Are Alive After Abortion!

Don't sleep folks, they will fuck you up, serious.

The same rag has a big thing about the "chaos" this so-called "24 hour drinking" has caused. Personally, here in London, I have found it nigh on impossible to get a drink after 1 in the main. I have seen no difference whatsoever. Here, at least, it appears to be a fallacy. Dunno about Brummage though, I ain't been there in years. Still, noone's blamed it for George Best's death yet, but perhaps they yet shall...