I get the sweetest emails. Forsooth: Hey Akira,

Just thought I'd let you know that you just got played on Xi'an Music Radio, Shaanxi Province's biggest station, to around 1.5 million people. This is in a place in China called Xi'an where I teach.

I had to go do the culture show for the radio station, last week it was on... Wales! I'm a qauter Welsh, and have a Welsh name, making me perfect to be on the show for 50 minutes (obviously).

I had no Welsh music or any idea what to do, but I did have my mp3 player with the Valentines day songs you did still on it (I didn't have time for a 60 minutes mix and had to be careful about lyrical... THE GOVERNMENT IS WATCHING ME!), and you were the closest thing I had to Welsh, so BAM on you go. Monumental!

If you want a brief summary of the days events check my blog at; http://gty-china.blogspot.com/index.html .

Another step forward to you taking over China.

Ciao, Carwyn.