Oh my days, George Galloway is the fucking MAN, as Pete just said in his email that directed me to the above clip, which you must all watch, now. If you can't see this you are retarded. If you say anything about cat impressions you should throw yourself off a cliff, and watch out for the marketing managers (HAHAHAHA, I crack me up! Nay, some of those managers are not evil. Some are good, and clever, and hot. Yes. SOME THOUGH ARE SCUM! BUT GEORGE GALLOWAY IS RIGHT!)

I was in a studio in Walthamstow today with Lethal B, recording songs for his next album. They are amazing songs. Serious!

What was it you were saying about being in London for a while, about having to wander through your past? I lived in Walthamstow, after that squat, seven years ago. I haven't been back since. Yeah, I felt the ghosts. But so what? They were then. Now there is a new bus station, and I am a different person. In these seven years, all my cells have been replaced. That is the truth as well.