World Turned Upside Down

destroyed The internet's crazy. Today I got sent an album purported to be by the fabled Steev Mike from '92 (with pretty sexy graphic design), and Andrew W.K.'s 2000 demo tape, which sounds like Sham 69. Apart from the bits that sound like pure Andrew W.K. It's comprised of a bunch of songs from both I Get Wet and The Wolf, which shows how well planned the whole thing was. Actually, didn't Kanye West do something like that as well? Good thinking, really. Lots of people spend their whole lives writing that first album, put all their best songs on it, then bang their heads against the wall making the second one.

No, that's not what I have been doing. My second album is a work of Unparalleled Awesome. I have had money and personnel issues. To which one could react in one of two ways.

Way 1:


Way 2:


Actually, there are many other ways. But you know how I get down. That's right. I veer between the two like the ball from Pong.

Hey, you wanna hear something really crazy off of the 20o0 AD Andrew W.K. demo?

OK. Here you go. This sounds like Those Evil Movies From The Late Seventies and/or early Oasis and is called Kill Yourself. It's pretty much the opposite of what he's saying these days, and begs a number of questions. Feel free to ask them.

STREAM: Andrew W.K. - Kill Yourself


So, anyway. I can't make this, as I shall be visiting my Mother, but if you're in London tonight, The Open Rights Group are having a debate about this whole Vee Steel Yourn Internets! thing Peter Mandelson and The FAC and all those other Turncoats are espousing. From

Peter Mandelson thinks disconnecting filesharers will help the music and film industries. He's plain wrong. This extreme option would trample on the rights of internet users - and the rights of their families - without earning a penny for musicians and film-makers.

Two internationally-renowned and exciting speakers will ask: if the government can get things this badly wrong, then why, and what should we really be doing?

Amen. One of the speakers is Gerd Leonhard, who is a wise man. So go, if you can, and let me know how it went. And in the meanwhile, here's Billy Bragg singing about The Sin of Property. Ha!

STREAM: Billy Bragg - The World Turned Upside Down