Winning The Lottery.

I write tonight from the midst of a deeply unpleasant hangover, as we were celebrating the union of James and Dana yesterday, and I drank too much whiskey, and did that thing I used to do a lot, where a part of my brain swuitches off, and I turn into a raging lunatic, and an asshole. Happily, this occured (in the main) once the wedding celebrations were done, so nothing got spoiled. Just me. I can't remember much of it, but I did scrap with bouncers, and I think one of them might have put a foot up my ass or something, as my right butt-bone is in bad shape. I watched I Robot just, and really enjoyed it. Fist time I saw it I thought it was rubbish. I don't know why that might be. But I really enjoyed it tonight, found it moving, even.


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