Win Tickets To Envy's Album Launch Do! CAPTION CONTEST!

As mentioned previously, it's my dear friend Envy AKA ENVEH's album launch do at Cargo in London this Thursday (TOMORROW!). I will emceeing the eevnt, in the old fashion sense, ie walking around with a microphone shouting and being GREAT. Whoo! It's gonna be funtimes!

Anyway,  I have TWO PAIRS OF TICKETS  to give away, and I shall also get Envy to sign a copy of her album for another prize, so you people who can't get to London have something to win. Whoo! Prizes!

To win, leave your hilarious, poignant, or just plain WEIRD caption in the comments. GET IN! QUICK!


So, Littles and Narstie were round last night to work on a song for Superhero Music, along with the Risky Roadz Document The Culture Crew. Shout out! I can't believe how long it's been since We Three were last on a track together. Actually, I can't remember when We Three were last on a track together. Was it So Good?! Christ! Anyway, the song is AMAZING - it came to me in a dream, and it turned out even better - and some footage from the session, along with some exclusive Littles and Narstie freestyles will be getting sent out to Superhero Music preorderers tomorrow.


And don't forget it's the ALL NEW WEEKLY DONCAST later today, right here, at the ALL NEW TIME of 6pm GMT. Got that? TWO HOURS LATER! This is to try and accommodate all the Brits who are on their way home  from work at the old time. Let me know how this suits you, for good or ill. As usual, send all shout outs, requests, or your loving and poetic DONCAST DEDICATION to akirathedon at