See that up there on top of my stockshelf? That's my SPIDERPLANT. It was born from a tiny spiderbaby my pops gave me. Now it's all grown, with many babies of its own. And I am GIVING FIVE AWAY!

Yes, you can have your very own Don Spiderbaby. And all you have to do is give some money to Somalia here, then send me some kind of proof, via email - akirathedon at gmail dot com, or my Twitter. 2 have gone already so be quick!

In other news, my new wife discovered The Pulling Power Of Comics yesterday, whilst reading Time And The Batman (one of our beautiful wedding gifts, shout out John Doran and Maria!) on the tube. "If only I'd known when I was single!" she squealed. "Practically the whole male population of the carriage was staring at me! And then they all started talking about comics and smiling at me! It's like a man with a baby!"

Knowledge gleaned ladies. if you want to pull males on the tube, read a comic. EASY.

EDIT: Here's me packaging up the first spiderbaby. GET IN!