Wiley Stabbed? To DEATH? HMM.

wiley Narstie just rang me. "AK," he began, tentatively, "you cool?"

I was cool. Narstie was not. "You OK brother?" I asked.

Narstie took a breath.

"Wiley's dead."

I was shocked.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Yeah fam. Stabbed in Hackney last night. You not heard? It's all over the internet. I thought you'd know, you 're the king of that shit."

Which, in a sense, is true. I am online all day most days, for good or ill. But today I've done nothing but work on this comic strip Jeres and I are doing for The Stool Pigeon.

"Look into it if you can," said Narst, sounding worried. "Solo just told me. It's fucked. Fuck this shit fam, I mean, really..."

So, I had a look around. Someone on the RWD forum just posted a message under the tasteful headline "WILEY STABBED TO DEATH!!!!!!!!"

The message pointed towards the "BBC" story you can see above.

Richard Kylea Cowie also known as wiley a grime mc who recently got to number two in the chart was stabbed to death only hours ago.

Officers were called to Hackney at about 2200 GMT after reports of a disturbance.

They found 29-year-old Richard Cowie in an alleyway behind Cheshire Road. He had been stabbed several times. Police believe that an argument had taken place as shouting was heard by witnesses.

Cowie, from Bow, was taken to Hospital where he later died. Police are appealling for witnesses to come forward.

My tummy did go weird for a second, the second it took me to spot the lack of capitalisation on Wiley, and a missing coma. Dummy me. A quick look at the URL, and one can see immediate shenanigans. http://kineticnorth.com/BBCNews? Really? Chopping the end off it we can see a crappy site obsessed with internet porn searches and Torchwood fan fiction. Evidently the home of the kind of diseased mind that would get off on hoaxing people into believing Wiley to be dead of stabbings. Lord have mercy. This sort of thing is only ever funny if it's Chris Morris telling people Michael Hessletine's dead, and it's still the nineties. A pox on this numbskull, and all his miserable, redundant kin.