Firstly, the new ATD shirts have suffered some boring delays, but I am assured they will be in this week. If you pre-ordered, I emailed you abut this the other day and sent you a brand new song that no one's heard yet. If you pre-ordered and you didn't get that mail for whatever reason, ht me up and I'll hook you up.

Secondly, my internet is still down, so net based communication is still happening via my second office, The Hackney Pearl.

Thirdly, some people were getting AVG security warnings when they visited this site. That should be fixed now, according my my lovely site host Tom, but let me know if you have any issues.

Fourthly, Soon and Cher were initially known as Caesar and Cleo. Imagine!



Pretty amazing. I went to meet her at Heathrow. It seemed that she was late, so I read about Lautel canyon and espaired at the stupid dystopian tannoy ramblings. "IF YOU LEAVE YOUR VEICLE OUTSIDE IT WILL BE CONFISCATED." "FOR YOUR DAFETY CCTV IS USED AT ALL TIMES." "PARENTS ARE REMINDED THAT CHILDREN ARE NOT TO RIDE THE BAGGAGE TROLLEYS."

How un-fun, I thought, and rode a baggage trolley.

A minor skirmish ensued, after which I tweeted something about blowing up heathrow airport, which bought a torrent of worry down upon my Twitter account from concerned citizens.

You might not know, but a man has been in court recently, accused of wanting to blow up an airport, after he Tweeted something about wanting to blow up an airport, in an obviously humorous manner. As far as I am concerned we should all tweet our intentions to blow things up as often as possible, so as to make the arrest of a human for doing similar as obviously ridiculous as possible. Doing the opposite - not tweeting about blowing things up - can only lead us into futher tyranny.

Anyway, after a while it turned out I was at the wrong terminal. "It would be foolish of me to assume that you were going to change at this point in your life," observed my wife, which is true. I have a good decade or two to go before what we Westerners so loadedly call the "midlife crisis", something older, wiser cultures refer to as the "midlife oppurtunity."

And what adventures she has had, deep in a forrest in India for a month! Apparently monkeys would raid the Ashram every day, regular as clockwork, and ransack the place. Amazing. Anyway. Maybe she'll write a blog about it, in which case I'll hit you off with the link. I, meanwhile, must get back to the Work.

Nunc pede libero pulsanda tellus. Let us boogie.