Why Zef Really Effing Loves Sharpe

As long as I can remember, Zef has loved Sharpe.

He just sent me this video.

"Watch and learn," he said.

"I have always wondered," I wondered, "why it is that you love Sharpe so much."

Zef's initial silence spoke volumes about the seeming foolishness of the question, but after some coaxing, he told me.

"Because he keeps his rifles clean in whatever environment he finds himself in, he has sex with whichever woman he finds himself in, and always comes out on top in whichever fight he finds himself in.

AND he says Bastard like no other."

Which is true.

"Those clips of him saying bastard are JUST from the Indian follow up," said Zef, with childlike awe. "Imagine the whole series worth, IMAGINE."

I don't think I can.

"I can," said Zef.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday gang!