Why Couldn't You Be MP For Anywhere Nice?

Wow! My little brother Ali (who isn't the one who does the animating and the graphic design, or the one who does the clever computery things and the World Of Warcraft) has taken up comedy acting. Check him and his studenty ass out! I was never a student, but had I been, we'd never have had poncey video editing equipment and studios! We'd have had COAL!

Yes indeed.

In other news Tom Robinson is a G, and not just because he wrote 2468 Motorway. He's got the KLF's The Manual on his website! You can read it online! FUTURE! AWESOME!

I wanted to read that all my life. Jeres lent it me recently, and I realised that I had, unwittingly, followed all their rules for making a number one single.

I didn't follow all the rules for actually Getting it to number one though.


Yo, this is proper music journalism.

In other news, I am ill and scared. Whoo!