White Man's Burden

steven wells moby barry seal Did you hear the one about Noel Gallagher blaming Jay-Z for Glasto's slower-than usual ticket sales? "

I'm not having Hip Hop at Glastobury," he said. "It's wrong"

Me, I laughed quite a bit. Swells? He too. Dude also wrote a very funny and very correct article about the whole fiasco for the Quietus.

Sample text:

There is no racism - casual, institutional or overt - in indie music. If indie musicians state that English identity is threatened by immigration, that is not racist. And if indie fans talk about hip-hop in language reminiscent of that used by Adolf Hitler to describe Jews in Mein Kampf (”contamination”, “filth”, “disease”) that too isn’t racist. In fact to even suggest that it might be racist, is racist - racist against white males who just happen to despise black music and only like music made my white males for white males.


Read the whole thing here. It is mad good to have ole Swells back. My favourite thing about editing PlayLouder back in the day was commissioning, then getting to read Swellls' stuff. It was always brilliant.

In other journalistic happenings, I did a small email interview with Moby recently. Sample text:

Me: Do you regret rubbing your dick on Winona Ryder, or do you look back on those days fondly?

Moby: I never rubbed my dick on Winona Ryder. But hey, I'm still relatively young. Operative word: 'relatively'.

Moby is a funny guy! Read the rest here...

Speaking of funny white people, you ever hear of Barry Seal? I'm going to be writing a bit over the coming months about dude, and his connections with the cocaine epedemic of the 80s, Bill Clinton, Pappa Bush, and the CIA. So this might be a good place to start.