Where's Bill Hicks When You Need Him?

Wanna know how they stole the 2006 US midterm election elections, way back when? Does it really matter? Because as you so sweetly did vote, Palestinians were murdered by the criminal state of Israel, and any new so-called Democratic Party will do nothing to change that. Remember when Clinton got in, and started bombing Iraq to avenge the alleged assination attempt on the life of papa George Bush? Been listening to Howard "the liberal arm of the Democratic Party" Dean lately? “The United States, say he, "has to … take a much harder line on Iran and Saudi Arabia because they're funding terrorism. [President Bush] is beholden to the Saudis and the Iranians.”

Please, please, please stop kidding yourselves that The Democratic Party will save the world. That nanobots will save the world. That Jesus will save the world. Flash Gordon ain't coming. ONLY YOU CAN SAVE MANKIND.

In other news, there is an interview with me up at PlayLouder (which I am guest editing this week), in which I am not my usual cheery self, conducted on a dark Monday afternoon, as I recall. WHUP!