Where The Bees Went

So, I was catching up on my correspondence today, and convalescing, which I rather like, and I found out where The Bees have gone.

What it was, was my old pal Saam, who took those iconic photos of my moustache in LA a few years ago, was telling me about the "incredible" summer they're having over on the West coast of Yanksville.

What is this "incredible?" I asked.

"Let me put it to you this way..." wrote Saam. "It’s about 1PM in the afternoon and I’m going sailing- we’re shutting down the studio for the rest of the day. It’s been absolutely glorious.

Attached: A swarm of bees set up a hive on the studio rooftop and instead of killing them, we suggested moving them. When the beekeeper came I asked if he had an extra suit... and sure enough he did.

Maybe that will be your outfit for the next shoot."

Which, I thought, would be fitting.