Where Da Gs?

"You aint never seen a motherfucker kill a motherfucker like a motherfucking nigga named Game motherfucker."The Game

So, I got a new favourite rap website. Allhiphop has nothing worth reading save the rumours on it. XXL is looking old, and Bol fell off harder than Mef. Spine is just ugly. Nope, it is all about HipHopDX.com. It has the best audio section of any website I have seen. it gives equal import to Atmosphere, Lil Wayne AND Crooked I.

It's news section is great too. You hear the one about Jay Z nicking his rap persona off of Brooklyn OG Calvin “Klein” Bacote? Dude is out of prison now, and somewhat irked.

"In the 80’s … Jay was not trying to be a drug dealer, he was trying to be a rapper," quoth Klein. "In order for him to transcend himself into this hell of a dude, he had to take characters of guys from the 80’s; one being myself... I mean I give him 10% of his life he talked about … He’s from Brooklyn. He lived in Marcy Projects. His name was Shawn Carter. He got that right”

Oooooooh, damn! This after Pimp C on that Atlantan radio station calling out Young Jeezy and a host of unnamed rappers (TI! Leetle Wayne!) for bullshitting about being coke dealers. Are the walls coming down?

I mean, it is a tricky one. Ice Cube rapped about his acquaintances lives as if they were his. He was doing an architecture degree when he was writing that first NWA album. But it was important that he said that stuff, because he said it right. You can't leave that stuff to some illiterate D boy. The D boy's too busy being a D boy anyway. Ya diiiig? Give a fuck. You think Johnny Cash ever shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die? Hell naw.

Oh, here's Beanie Sigel sticking his tongue in Peedi Crack's ear. Same Beenie who was complaining about Kanye dressing gay. Figga please! Take your high-ass tongue out of Peedi's ear and chill on them there D-rugz sonny pie, maybe then we chat about who's got a big ole pair of dick sucking lips and who does not!

Speaking of which, you hear the one about Jay-Z fucking over Joe Budden?