When We Were Young # 6 of 11: AIDS

"I have never had a plague of AIDS since I sleep with jar of gipsy tears around my neck."Borat

I am finding it pretty tricky to do all this video editing on my laptop, since the death of the harddrive that ran my desktop thing. But I persist anyway. Why? Cos I am a G.

So, I got back from Redditch, and the Romanian Relief Found Charity Shop on Church Street was still open. It's shutting down, and today was it's last day trading. It was pretty sad to see the place all ransacked and nearly dead. This is a high grade charity shop man. I have gotten some gems from their record boxes over the past year. I felt sad. Thing is though, as the place was shutting forever in eight minutes, everything was 10p. I got a fucking huge pile of gorgeous vinyl for three quid. Bonanza! Anyone in the are at 10:30 tomorrow should swing by, everything that's left will be going for nothing, or going in the bin.