What's In The Box?

Good day brothers and sisters. I am as happy as the proverbial sandboy because Christmas came early this morning and I got an AMAZING GIFT (bought for me by me, but a gift nontheless), and I have have spent a fine morning working on some music. It's a song from Stephen Hague and Claudia Brücken from Propaganda's forthcoming album, and I've been adding some drums and sound effects and extra bits of music to it. It sounds awesome. I mean, it sounded awesome anyway (it is my favourite song in the world this week), but now it's got me in it, so naturally it is even more awesome. I hope they like it.

Jack is coming round today which will be exciting as I haven't seen him since my wedding. We are  going to talk about the proposed Akira The Don tour I want to do later this year, and I am going to get him to show me some Logic tricks. I am really get into Logic, since Stephen gave me those lessons, but there is still so much to learn.

Gonzales says he'll show me how to use Protools if I like. I saw him last night in the Soho Theatre Bar, where he's doing a residency later this month, and I was drinking with my ole pals Jamie Danananana and David Authority, authors of that AAA pilot I was in a few years back. Gonazales texted to inform me he'd been Twitter stalking me, and was just around the corner, so he came down and we had burgers and discussed French Montana's most recent mixtapes and The Smith's Sweet And Tender Hooligan, which is Chilly's favourite Smiths song and is certainly in my top five. It occured to us that it is rare, and thus nice, to have a person you can talk about such things with. We argued for a little while about whether Morrissey sang "in the midst of life we are in debt" or "death" in Sweet And Tender Hooligan. Twitter informed us that it was in fact both.

Worried that our rap geekingout was alienating the rest of our company, Gonzales suggested a specialist knowledge challenge on any subject. "Buffy," said David. "Ah well," beamed Gonazales, beamishly. "You know the music? My brother did that."

Speaking of Gonzales, have you heard his Babydoll remix yet? HOLY CRAP!