What The Hell Is The MDA...

...and what is the MDA Senior Management Rap?

All I know is its some company from Singapore's upper echelons starring in a relatively expensive looking rap video, with a hook lifted from a classic KRS joint, and a beat "inspired" by the good Dr Dre.

A blogger from Singapore writes,

"I don't know who is KRS-One. But saw this video clip on one of the forum. I'm sure the chorus sound familiar to you. I bet that horrible rap [MDA's] is still repeating itself in your head... don't worry. This video clip is by a professional rapper. Although I don't really know how to enjoy rap music, but it sounds a lot better that the MDA rap. (I want to say that there can't be anything worst than the MDA rap. But I'm always afraid that another civil service group will proof me wrong)"

Well I find it rather charming!

How long before UK companies take heed and start releasing rap videos instead of as well as adverts? 400,000 views on Youtube is not to be sniffed at. And its not like most rap videos aren't adverts for something, anyway.

Apart from Prisoner Cell Block P's new joint, which is awesome, and seemingly does nothing but let us know that P is cotdamn NUTS in the FACE. Dude splits some cracka ass cracka's wig with a cotdamn TEEVEE SON! OMFG DOT COM!