What do you mean?

What do you mean Adam Alphabet as Akira The Don just played his first real gig and it was amazing? What do you mean Cee and Ay were the Donettes? What do you mean Spiky did the sound?

(And it was amazing)

What do you mean Wade was a centurion?


In tights?

What do you mean it was a blood red and black lynchian masterwork, visually?

That we made $400 look like a million dollars?

What do you mean 'Tumbling Down' was the intro song, then I wandered down a flight of stairs onstage in red eyes and top hat and button frenzy dapper jacket and pantaloons and stripy red and black socks and beautiful red and black platform boots with a big STAR on them?

What do you mean I walked on crooning 'Anything Goes', which Birddogg proceeded to scratch into mastery?

What do you mean, we were amazing?

What do you mean, we're AMAZING?!

What do you mean we're flying first class to LA at 6am?

I have never flown first class and I have never been to LA. They tell me there will be Nintendo on the plane.

Love to you all.

Stuff is amazing.