Westwood Being A Nobhead

Now, you dun know I sticks up for Timmy Tim. I was taping dude's show when I was 8 years old and stuff. I am often defending his right to talk in a made up voice (it's not like Dizzee fell out of the womb talking like that is it?) and get emotional over awful G Unit records. Let dude be!

HOWEVER! The above is some video evidence of Westwood behaving like a proper toolbox. I am so amazed that not one of the people he "interviewed" in the clip aboveĀ  didn't punch a hole in his crinkly ole head. Especially when he accused those white kids of being in "the gay tent." Wow!

Anyway. A lot of people think DJ Khaled is the new Westwood, and similarly, I am often to be found sticking up for dude's right to shout "WE THE BEST NIGGA!" in a crazy helium voice over all the records he plays. Here's an audio rip of him filling in for Funk Flex on Hot 97 way back in 02. It's pretty classic stuff. He hasn't changed a BIT!

PS - Westwood also shows up on JME's album, which I reviewed here. The following bit, whihc got cut, has the juice:

There are a few miss-fires. The conceptual superhero caper 'Powers', introduced by a potty mouthed Westwood skit that has to be heard to be believed ("Superman? Fuck that pantyhose wearing bitch! Batman? That motherfucker can't do shit! He's awasteman!") finds JME discovering an ability to clone anything. Amazed, dude starting off cloning money before considering "stopping all the poverty in Africa and all them tings", but opting not to bother because "m15 will investigate"...