Werewolves At Number One!

"So what are you saying?" writes P$. "Did Kid Rock rip you off or is it coincidence?" Dunno if you've noticed, but Kid Rock is at the top of the charts right now with a song that heavily samples Warren Zevon's Werewolves Of London. Just like my song, Werewolves!, written a year or so ago, released on the Thieving mixtape in March.

Stream: Akira The Don - Werewolves!

Being a humble man, I obviously couldn't imagine Kid Rock to have been bumping MY shit. Plus, knowing the way the record machine works, if this is out NOW, it was prolly written at least 12 months ago.

So, as ever, I shall blame my closer-than-average connection to the collective unconcious. Last summer myself and Trey reworked that Eddie Muphy song about how his girl likes to party all the time - a month later a trance version was in the top ten. Shit like that happenes to me every day. I remember Grant Morrisson saying something about how if you're gonna get into magic, the first thing you might wanna do is start noticing all the synchronicities in your life.  Mayne, I am just about ready to conjure up a frickin' dinosaur or something. My synchronicity count is off the frickin' RADAR.

I tell you something though. I am gonna have to stop playing Werewolves! live.

Anyway. The Kid Rock song (first sent to me by Colin back in May) is below. Here's what Thesvenhunter says about the song.

Kid Rock's 'All summer Long' is about how awesome it was being Kid Rock, particularly in the summer, particularly when he was younger, particularly when he was making out with some teenager by a lake and listening to 'Sweet Home Alabama', which is one of the two classics of Americana lumped together here in the 'mash-up'. The other is Warren Zevon's iconic 'Werewolves of London', which is soullessly stolen and looped to serve as the reanimated bones with which Kid Rock's pungent musical zombie can shake its stagnant stuff.

Kid Rock doesn't bother rapping anymore, he just sings (badly) over lifted riffs cobbled together by OTHER PEOPLE. This is it. this is the great summer hit that we'll have to remember 2008 by; the odious Kid Rock tosses about in a fucking boat while bikini-clad babes wiggle around poles, which they apparently have hanging around - either on lake shores or boats - in Michigan.

These romantic reminisences are nothing revolutionary:

"We didn't have no Internet, but man I never will forget / The Way the moonlight shined upon her hair".

What does that mean? Those two things are surely unconnected. Not to mention the irritating ignorance of the irregular verb. Worst of all is the fact that this memory of Kid Rock's - this personal picture of pastoral pleasantry - is simply impossible to translate to me: impossible to make me, the listener, give two hoots about.

It relies on another, much better song, for its message: for its very existence; the chorus, and refrain, "Singin' 'Sweet Home Alabama' all summer long..." simply serves to remind us how recycled and redundant our own music and culture is, and our own memories will become, unless of course they're rendered insignificant by this Internet thing.

This is a terrible, terrible song.