We're Off

So, I went to Hastings yesterday, to do my first day of record for LP2 with Dr Stephen Hague. We recorded vocals for a song called I Am Not Dead (Yeah!), that a few of you might have caught live at the last few gigs. Dr Hague lives in a gigantic white house up a hill overlooking the ocean with his fine woman, some cats, and a relatively well behaved greyhound. You can see France from his studio window on clear days. That is how to live! You know what can see out of my window right now? An old man stealing oranges from the Turkish shop over the road that has the rudest female staff I have ever encountered. Actually, it's not so bad. I realised the other day I spend most of my days in a converted attic. Which is something I really wanted to do when I was about six.

Careful what you wish for, children...

Oh, if you get a sec, vote for my boy Marv The Marsh's new single over at MTV Bass.