Ladies and Gs...


Welcome to akirathedon.com 5.0: The Best Artist Website In The World. Over a year in the a making, the last month of which actually necessitated the removal of the active site from the internets, causing a silence from me unhad since Spring 2004, when akirathedon.com was forst born, ushering in the concept of the modern artist website as we now know it (yes, that was me).

Well, here we are, 6 years later, changing the game again...

I hope you agree that it was worth the wait. I don't throw around terms like "The Best Artist Website In The World" lightly. But it is the truth, as far as I know. Show me one better and I'll take it all back...

See, right here is everything. Every song I ever did. All my videos. My writing. My comics... all put together in a ground breaking, intuitive and beautiful fashion, just as I envisaged over a year ago but better, by the living miracle I am privileged to call my little brother, ZEF.

Indeed, all praises are due to that genius for what you are about to witness.

OK. I will write more later, but right now it's 6 minutes to go until launch, and I still have lots of things to sort out. If you spot anything amiss on your travels, please tell us about it here, otherwise leave your thoughts in the comments. Naturally, having been working our asses of on this for so long, Zef and I are keen to hear what you think!

Oh, and there's a NEW LP COMING IN 24 HOURS!

Yes indeed.

Let us raise a glass to the future, my friends.