We Moved! Welcome To The New House!

Welcome to the all new akirathedon.com!


After those clowns at Hulkshare went all SOPA on my ass (fuck Cary Sherman!), I did what any self respecting human would do and moved my shit the fuck out of there. What terrible hosts they were! Imagine you went to a party and the host gave you some Ferrero Rochet, only it wasn't Ferrero Rochet at all, it was gnarly old cow eyeballs in foil wrapping. Or the host gave you nothing, glared at you all night, then blamed you for killing their dog when you did no such thing. Then drugged you, waited for you to collapse, then carried you outside and dumped you on the pavement . In some dogshit. In the rain.

That level of hosting.

I now have a new home with a nice American called Tom. I am toasting the move with a Sansbury's Own Brand Bourbon and Pepsi.


I got that picture up there via Twitter, from some of the people we partied with at V last year.

It was serendipitous as I'd just replied to am email about doing it again this year, in a bigger and better fashion. I take the photo as a sign. As far as I am concerned, ATD at V 2012 is on.


Elsewhere on Twitter, I started a mexican wave, and threatened to blow up the queen, and the #TWITTERJOKETRAIL judges'collective mum.

In case you weren't aware, British judges are currently deliberating whether a man who Tweeted that he was going to blow up an airport was joking or not. Fucking insane asylum of a country that I live in. I was tweeted this afternoon by a gentleman saying he was now worried to speak his mind for fear of getting arrested. Don't you ever be sacred of these idiot swine my brothers and sisters! They can't even tie their shoelaces! And they certainly can't arrest us all! So go out there and threaten to blow things up on social media sites! It is your birthright! And mine!

Don is onomatopoeic Japanese for BOOM! you know.