We Invented The Language

If you give me a typewriter and I'm having a good day, I can write a scene that will astonish its readers. That will perhaps make them laugh, perhaps make them cry - that will have some emotional clout to it. It doesn't cost much to do that. But if you said, "Astonish the audience," and you gave me a quarter of a million - well, my auntie could astonish an audience if she got that much money! Real art and the things that actually change our culture tend to happen on the margins. They don't happen in the middle of a big marquee.Alan Moore

Hello. I am doing a postbag today, like I was Smash Hits (RIP). Forsooth!

Dear Donovan

I had a dream that you and Mike Skinner and Maggot were living in a house looking after me. I was a little girl. It was like that film, 3 Men And A Baby. You had a really thick moustache.



I had a dream last night I was going down a plughole, while Lou Reed sang The Real Slim Shady really, really slowly. Life is unfair and it is weird. - ATD

Dear Don

Happy Spring!

When is your fucking album out?



(stole your tag!)

When I know when my album is coming out, I will tell you. I don't know. Soon. It better be. A new mixtape is on the way though. I shall continue to drip feed you. I am a nice boy. - ATD

Oi Adam, get over yourself you womble, I remember you way back, fucking Carter USM loving freakboy, stop pretending your Eminem, Interscope will never recoup, loser.


Leave me alone Dad. - ATD


Akira the don you rock! You are the best ever! I love you more than I love the killers!!!! (and that is alot) This boy I know said you where crap, but he is stupid because he didn't even listen to you when I told him to! He just likes Indie and refuses to listen to anything else because he says everything else is crap! I dont talk to him any more. YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!!!!!!!

I just thought i'd say that


The Killers are Mormons you know - ATD

This morning, i woke up hungover from another night out, and i turned my pc on and hit winamp on random. Then genocide is coming to the USA came on, usually a song im not too fussed about. But lying there, hearing it properly i realised it was art man. The best song you've done, it suddenly makes sense.


That song makes me feel sick. - ATD

not sure if you are recieving my emails or like if you even remember me from class a audio but I said I'd send you my stuff cos you seemed to like it so you can grab it from soundclick (some tracks will be on myspace too when they have cleared :D) if you want:


I made the Words Speak Louder Than Actions EP for you - I had a copy and a box and a sleeve and everything but unfortunately it was not to be.

much respect for five and a half songs about love btw that was some of the nicest shit I've heard in a while(I must have played Love a thousand times now) - can't wait for your new LP either you're my favourite producer out there right now and although I never comment on the best rapper because styles vary so much I'll say this; you've got the freshest style on the scene and noone even approaches doing what you do - but you know this.

tried to see you at fabric and to give you the EP but just missed you by an annoyingly short amount of time, then I didn't see you in the crowd at all but it went well by all accounts of people I asked so I guess it's all good really.

kinda wish I lived in London so I could come tonight/the other nights you're playing but I'm now mad skint for a while. I'll have to wait 'til escape to the park or another more Northern gig I reckon now but who knows what the cash God has in store for me?

talking of things in store check this out it is right up your street:



well I'm off to record a track about friendship for a dedication on my upcoming EP - knock 'em dead tonight man an' hopefully I will see you perform soon.

Johnpaul (MC²)

Serious flows in places son. I will have another listen and email you proper later innit. Bossanova. - ATD

Re: You + Me = Tonight

while I'm flattered that you might think of me that way, Akira The Don, Sir, and I AM a big fan of your's, we don't even know each other... IRL anyway, and, I don't EVER remember talking to you... Mabye I was doing "drunk on MSN" again? I thought that I gave that up... It IS a shame that I missed your show, but that can't be helped, being broke and living in Canada... anyway, unless YOU we're drinking when you sent this, or high, OR just being your usual oddball self(which I think is cool, by the way) and sent this on purpose to everyone, and called us all your "love", you MAY have clicked the "Send to All" button by mistake. Anway, please do not take any of my comments to offence, that isn't what was intened. I try(often badly) to be funny.

your fan, Nick.


Hello Donovan. I heard this and thought of you: Girl afraid where does his intentions lay? Or does he even have any? She says: "He never really looks at me I give him every opportunity in the room downstairs he sat and stared in the room downstairs he sat and stared I'll never make that mistake again!"


Swoon. - ATD

Akira, I read this and thought of you.

Something tells me we all underestimate what intense lengths the Neo-Fascists will go to. And what they will achieve. A Second Great Depression. A Global War. The Restoration of Slavery. A World Police State Apparatus. Bush's ridiculous-yet-telltale denial of "Human-Animal Hybrids." Experiments that Nazis couldn't dream of. The virus is fascism, and nobody believes it's real.




Re: You + Me = Tonight

If you keep leaving stuff like this and photos of you as a wee nipper wearing eyeliner lying around I`m going to get drunk one night and decide it would be a good idea to try and book you for this


Do it. - ATD