We Are On Track For Monday!


Things are astoundingly on track for the Living In The Future release (hahaha! On track! I did an accidental lol!). I had a hardcore and exciting meeting with my team on Wednesday, to whihc I took pointers and an agenda and carried them out, like a G. The music is percolating in the digital channels, ready to burst to life when midnight strikes on April 17th, and the 18th becomes real. The T-shirts gave been screen printed by the nimble and work-unshy hands of my guy Guy round the corner in Hommerton, the LITF labels are done, (see above) and on their way from Canada to London, where they will be stitched into those aforementioned fine organic cotton garments on Monday morning (lookit them up there, ain't they beautiful?). The posters and flyers have been printed in South London, and the badges arrived on Wednesday, well ahead of time and lovingly hand-made by Manda-Rin from Bis.


Amazing huh! Although you'll notice I didn't mention the CDs.


The CDs are NOT ON TIME.


But they are on a track. They are in In The Process Of Creation... so that's good. See, due to the impacts of The So-Called Recession, the people I used to use to make my ceedees have stopped doing so-called short runs (4000 and under), and everyone else has either gone out of business and or gone crazy with their prices, so it took a bloody age to find a decent one that wasn't £500 more than I paid last time. But I did, ladies and Gs, I did, and the CDs will be with us around a week after the 18th.

So that's pretty good really. One thing that hasn't gone perfectly out of a chain of many things. I am not doing too badly at this running a whole company on my own thing. And the good thing is that I am getting the CDs for the NEXT project made at the SAME TIME as these, so they will actually be ready in advance. Amazing!

Thank you to everybody that's been posting the Jamie video and player on their sites and facebooks and stuff. It's invaluable, it's what keeps the thing alive. Please keep it up. Jamie makes its radio debut (that I know of, anyway), on XFM tonight, and Eddy-Temple Morris has asked me to do a mix for next weeks Remix which is exciting, so, with your help and the will of my lord and master Asterix The Gaul, I shall be starting to reach out of these here internets into the 3rd dimension and shit. Like this:


Exactly. Monday, Living In The Future. 16 songs. All of them classics. Together we can change the word.