WATCH: Gonzales VS Jarvis Cocker - Francophobia (Live At The Pigalle)

Yep, that's right. It was the first night of Gonzales' month long residency at swank central, The Pigalle in Picadilly last night, and, as you can see, his special guest was Jarvis Cocker.

It was grayte, obviously. As you can see. Alongside the two songs Gonz and Jarvo did, Gonz unveiled a new tune, from his forthcoming Boyz Noize mixed LP, which sees him adopting a new, spoken-work rap steez, on a brillaint joint about REVENGE..,. I think he might play that again next week, when his special guest is me.

Yeah, from Jarvis Cocker to Akira The Don. Thank Christ its sold out already, otherwise I'd have been worrying about nixing it right up until stage time on the night. This is gonna be my fourth time sharing a stage with with the big homie, and I am no less nervous than ever I was. We're gonna go out tonight and work out what to do. It must be great. Great great. Da-naaaa.

Also tonight, me and the band will be checking out the boat we're having a party on. So I'll let you know how that goes. I am excited about our party. It's been too long already, dammit.