Oh Crap! I Know What a Jedward Is!


I know what a Jedward is.

Weeks in the happy land of I DONT KNOW OR GIVE A CRAP...

And now, I am AWARE...

And I am only aware cos I have had bloody Twitter rolling as I sit here all poorly-la listening to Conspiracy Worldwide and working on the new ATD shop. Bloody Twitter went nuts for about half an hour because Calvin Bloody Harris jumped onstage during the Jedward performance of Queen AND Vanilla Ice's Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby, wearing this:



So there you go.

I know what a Jedward is now.

It is this:


Props (I think) to Chantelle Fiddy.

Last night was great, by the way - I have been back on CDs for my last two DJing engagements due to a dead laptop, and to be honest I have really enjoyed it. There's a weird freedom in having a limited number of CDs to work with, no computer to worry about crashing, and the room to piss around with BPMs and mix stuff together on the fly (Prince's Kiss > Daft Punk's Da Funk > Dizzee's Sirens > Ghostbusters > Skee Lo > Eye Of The Tiger > Rio > Got Your Money > Gravel Pit, and so on and so on), meaning I had more fun DJing than I have for ages. I played loads of Ole Dirty too. Seven joints, I think. RIP.

DJing then - ace. I think I will do more of it. Book me, I am ready and awesome.

So, yeah, I am a bit under the weather, which has been brewing all week. I have been fighting it off with my superpowers, but it got me today, and I had to stay in and hide from the foul weather so as to avoid getting fucked up for the next week. This means I missed a rehearsal with my brothers Jim and Joey today, and seeing Carter USM play their first two albums in Brixton tonight. Woe! I could have been going crazy to A Prince In A Pauper's Grave, and instead I know what a Jedward is. Damn! Well, at least this Rakim interview I have been listening to has been edifying, and this new shop is coming along nicely. You're gonna be able to buy more than one thing at once! The MP3s will send themsleves out IMMEDIATELY! ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!?!