WATCH: Akira The Don VS Raekwon 2: On Cuban Linx 2, The ODB, and Shaolin VS Wu-Tang As you might well remember, a few weeks back, me and the boy genius Joey2tits linked The Chef Raekwon, who was recovering from his celebrated performance at matter, in a nice hotel room in Canary Wharf, and had a conversation about Joe Budden and coke rappers.

Well, here are the edited highlights of the rest of the conversation.

Rae discusses the forthcoming Cuban Linx 2, including J Dilla and Dr Dre's invovement, how Busta Rhymes helped put it all together, and how it's the "best shit.. since Wu."

"We want to take you back to 95, vintage Wu... that Wu Shaolin style, a lot of storytelling, you know, interesting shit that you can really see on wax. When you hear it you're gonna be like, yo this the best shit I've heard since Wu."

He also speaks on the legacy of The ODB...

"Dirty's a legend man... you don't get too many kinds of emcees like that. He was a beatboxer and he was a producer and he was rhymer. He gave the whole crew the abilty to feel like, yo we could be something. Everybody assumed that RZA was always the candle or whatver on the cake... but Dirty was the candle.

...and confirms the rumoured Shaolin VS Wu-Tang album. Is RZA gonna be allowed back in?

"Nah. I think we gonna have to keep it true to what we wanted to do. We wanna make it more action, I wanna explore with other producers as well."

And his last word on Cuban Linx 2:

"If y'all don't go and get this album, something's wring with hip-hop."


Cheers Kruger and Lady D for hooking a brother up.