Akira The Don VS He-Man (Stop Motion Animation In Photobooth Test)

Maybe it was The Return Of Winter in East London. Maybe there was something in my cereal. Maybe it was the lack of coffee. But whatever it was, shit was off today. For some reason today was kind of fucked up, in that I couldn't quite get my head focussed on what I was supposed to be doing, so I spent a bit of time messing about with my Macbook. This was me testing the photobooth app as a stop motion animation device, something Jack Nimble put me on to. Its kind of crappy, but I like it actually. Even if it did make me look like I was rubbing one off under the table. I might do another with my Batman-headed Robin. And keep my hands on the table. Or out of the frame entirely. Yes. That will do. Living In The Future out April 18th!

Oh, and look at this awesome email I got:

Dear Akira The Don Hello, my name is You Huajun, I am 20 years old, I come from beautiful China, I am your fan. You are an excellent Music Group, the world has a lot of you love your fans, because your songs are very good, your song has been the music charts. we all love you. In China there are many fans love you, we will always love you, support you. Finally, I hope you can get autographed, I hope you can satisfy my desire, thank you. Best wishes, You Huajun

You Huajun left an address for me to send the autograph to. What do these people want with these autographs anyway? I got about ten of these a week. Seriously, I don't get it. I asked on here once before, assuming they were all spam scams, and then the one I singled out turned out to be real and the person was offended (sooooorry!), but I am still confused by it all, and I still suspect 99% of them to be spammy scammers on the spammy scam. The only autograph I ever had was Dale Winton's, which I a friend of mine got for me when she went on Supermarket Sweep because I specifically didn't want one.

Saying that I DO have Chris de Burgh's autograph on my copy of Best Sides, and I DID get Gruff Rhys to sign my packet of fags when I ran into him on Bangor High Street when I was 15.

Still odd though.