Wanna See My Hard Drive?

Ooh-err missus etc. Anyway. See that? That's my main hard  drive that is. I needed to free up some space fast, and some safe clarts on Twitter told me what software to use. I had this prior to that Godawful crash I had the other week but I wasn't using it enough to remember its name. It's called WinDirStat, for the record - no wonder I couldn't remember - and it is mad useful. Although, predictably, the vast majority of my hard drive is taken up by wav files. That's all the blue stuff. The red stuff is MP3s, and the green stuff is raw video.  SO THERE YOU GO! My system reflects my being. Ale jaca est.

Yeah. I have been working today, on NON DON RELATED BUSINESS, shock horror - I am doing some freelance website building to help pay the bills. My glamorous assistant (read girlfriend) tells me we're doing twice as good as we were this time last year in the shop, which is awesome, but it's still not quite enough to pay for everything. That is because we live in London. If we lived in, well, pretty much any other place, it would... Rah! Lighbulb moment! Maybe I should move! Doh!

Anyway, tomorrow I get back to Don Business. LP2 RELATED SORTING OUT. POST. VIDEO. COMIC. ATD22 - the details of which I shall start to divulge shortly, but right now its looking like its gonna be, like, an album... pretty much. I am excited, but I don't wanna say anything until I've made the first song. I'll let you know how we go. Natch, it's The All New Weekly Doncast tomorrow as well, live from 5pm, so get ready with your requests. And remember! Like last week, we'll be doing Our Tune: Mail me at akirathedon at googlemail.com with a song to dedicate to someone special, and a suitably moving story for me to tell to the people. That was good last week, inspirational, in fact. We did a song for a mum, a girlfriend, and a brother.

Rah then, I think I said the other day I did a comic strip about my ole pal Frankie Poullain around the same time I did that Death's Head 3 one, back in 03 and I was gonna try and dig it out. Well, never let it be said I am not a man of my word. Here you go:

You know, the more I look at that, the more I think Frank makes an awesome cartoon character. He also kind of looks a bit like Axecop.

Like most people who hung around Camden in the early naughties, I knew most of The Darkness, to varying degrees - Edd The Drummer used to come to my famous after-parties in East Finchley, and eat mushrooms and run around in circles in the garden screaming about giant eagles and suchlike, and Justin used to ask me if I had any cocaine in Bar Undersolo in Camden. I never did, but he always asked anyway, and always smiled warmly and gave me a little hug before skipping off to ask someone else. But Frankie was a gentleman - he'd buy me a pint and we'd talk about 90s rap. The Darkness actually supported my old crew Crack Village this one time at The Water Rats in King's Cross. Frankie gave some backstage motivation -  the venue was rammed, but with industry swine, and those are some tough-ass crowds. I didn't care too much in those days though, I just got hammered.

Oh, and this one time he got me and Jeres tickets to see them support Robbie Williams at Knebworth, and we got to drive around the grounds at high speeds in a souped up golf cart with a bag full of pop!

Ah, the old days. I don't miss them, but it's pretty great that they happened. It's nice to have stories. I am going to really enjoy being an old man.