Wanna Be In The Giro Video?

Wanna be in the video we're making for Giro?

Dermot Arnold is. Paula Fischer is. In fact, all of you that emailed after hearing about the competition in the last Doncast are in. So too are the "pick a working title" winners (I haven't forgotten your avatars!).

Well done!

There's space for 30 more of you. If you applied for the Donsquad and sent a photo, you're in the running. The rest of you, if you want your merry mug in the forthcoming animated video for my song Giro, email a full head shot (and body if possible) to atd@akirathedon.com with GIRO as the message subject. 30 people will be picked at random next week, when we're properly amidst it (I am waiting for Zef to finish working on Erol Alkan's website before we start properly).

Oh, if you want a taste of the vibe of the video, click here.

Go in peace!

So, l've been reading a bunch of Terry Pratchett books lately, after not thinking about dude for, like, twelve years. Shit is fucking funny, and mad clever. Yesterday I saw this massive poster for a Sky One adaption of The Colour Of Magic. That's weird I thought. Then this morning, as I lay in bed and my girl got ready for work, I heard dude's name mentioned on the radio, but I was half asleep so I didn't notice what it was about. Then I got this mail from Colin:

"Terry Pratchett made a very moving but also very critical and relevant speech this morning. It appears that he has very early onset altzheimers disease and has donated a million dollars to research. It was very sad. He did make several hugely relevant points on the state of the NHS and how it is easier for him to get crack than it is for him to get his medication. You should try and watch it. Although it may make you upset. He is a great man and it is so admirable to see someone both publicly criticising the health system whilst actively trying to help others in similar situations."

I couldn't find the speech, but I found a story about it here.

"It's a shock and a shame...to find out that funding for research is three per cent of that which goes to find cancer cures," said Dr Pratchett, who can't get NHS treatment because he's "too young to have Alzheimer's for free".

"I want to go on writing!" he said. "Admittedly, that means I have to stay alive. You can't write books when you are dead, unless your name is L. Ron Hubbard."

Bless that funny man.

OK. Onto more trivial matters. What do you people think of this new Lil Wayne single?