Vote Lib Dem, drunk fool or nay!

So, work on the animation continues. If you can call drawing and colouring in work. Still. It is very rewarding. I had a two and a half hour Chris De Burgh marathon earlier, followed by a 45 minute Al Stewart Orgy, and now we're into an hour or so of Sage Francis freestyles. There are an awful lot on the internet. I am feeling this new Winamp thing, which has found every bit of audio on my hard drives and organised them a bit.

Anyway, I read that New Labour's truce with the Lib Dems is off. And there are indeed murmurs of The Lib Dems moving to the right. And, you, know, New Labour would like you to take those murmurs as fact, and to vote for them. New Labour are in fact shit scared of losing a lot of votes to the Lib Dems, from people who used to support the Labour Party. The problem is, the Labour party came to power not by energising their traditional supporters, by convincing Rupert Murdoch and the less Nazi Tory voters that they would carry on the right wing agenda.

Which they did.

More than anybody at the time could have hoped.

So now they are firing off their traditional, tactical vote to keep the Tories out thing. But a lot of us no longer care. A lot of us are so disgusted by New Labour, and so fearful of what they may do if given another term (ID cards my ARSE. Iran my ARSE. Etc.), that we wouldn't mind the Tories getting in, if it established the Lib Dems as a proper opposition, with a realistic chance of getting in next time. If it wiped that smug gaping wound of a smirk off Tony Blair's face. If it sent out a message that, you know, we will not be played. And then maybe someone will take back the Labour party from the Thatcherites. And we will be spared the grim future they have planned out for us.