Voices, In My Head!

Whaddya mean, ATD12 had been online just over 11 hours, and just over 2000 people had downloaded it?

No shit. Maybe that is small for YOU, but I think that is big. 11 hours! ATD10's done 97,513 so far. ATD11 37,227. Wait till they give me billboards, bubba. SON! Are you MAD!

Yo, big up all my people pasting banners on their shit. That is hardcore. Fuck a street team. Zef's gonna make some banners so dope even people who hate my pink ass'll want them on their shit, just because they;re so FLY! Fly like KITES! SON!

Excuse me. I have been to the gym two days in a row. That's right. I am one of those people that has a Gym membership card. Really. Four years ago, I'd have spat at me, probably. Laughed in my face, then fallen over on some sick. So it goes son. Sorry, lad. Things done changed round hereabouts.

But not too much. We're playing a gig tonight, in Camden. With Lethal B. And another band, whose name shall remain a mystery, for reasons of national security. Let us just say, um... Last time I saw them they were headlining a festival.

OK, that;s enough of me for tonight. I am tired. My tits ache. My thighs ache. I;m a watch a Curb then die. Hey! We're having another letters page here at DONDOTCOM tomorrow. Geddin.

Oh, sorry, that picture there? That's Madison and a monkey. She sent me a song earlier. It is amazing. It is so amazing. You know sometimes you want to write about something, and you put it off, because of the world, because of what people think, because it's too RAW... Yeah?

She does not. Madison inspires me, yo. And she made me cry once. Just looking at her. She was singing. Singing reality. Serious.