"Violent Pornography"

I just got into System Of A Down. They are so awesome. Go on, email me telling me what a late douche I am. Aside from that, back in the UK I have slept a fair bit, seen Keef and MY MAM, who came to my HOUSE, and gave me a PRESENT for my BUFDAY (see above/side) and had a couple of rehearsals with my friends for >this gig we are doing tomorrow. It's at the dirty Underworld in Camden, and we are playing for The Captains Of Industry, who I admire. The line up is me, Son Of King Rebel on geetar, Jeremy The Blonde on keys and boy lala, and Mary Turner on girl lala. (Mary has been losing her voice, as a result of Mean People. And Poisons probably. I wish her a speedy recovery.) On Saturday we rehearsed in a shitty room, and made it sound lovely, and today we rehearsed in an amazing room, and din't have to try too hard, so I felt it was OK to "play" bass on one of the songs. This should be a laugh.

Oh, Big Ben from Capatins just emailed me saying he has five pairs of tickets for the gig to give away. If you want, you are to email him "something interesting" at ben@captainsof.com. "A photo, a picture, a poem - anything. No viruses though. And please include your mobile number. Because its last minute we might not be able to reply to your mails personally." he says. He added a "peace" at the end, cos that is a good way to end.

Wade cleaned our stairs! Bless him.

Oh, my email is super backed up, I know, I am sorry. I shall try and clean it tomorrow, between doing a song and some mixtape ish and obtaining some white legwear.

IN TODAY! My Yankee bredren - Snitch Or Go To Jail!! And students! Watch who you pass that joint at! Your new pals could be CIA spies! No shit! Arghhhhhhh!