VIDEO: My First Go At Inking In Manga Studio x No Excuses

So, yeah, I've been doing the artwork for The Omega Sanction, which involves a FUCKING TON of little Kirby-styled illustrations... and I thought I'd try out Manga Studio with my Wacom DTF-510 digital drawing device - the former is a piece of software specifically for drawing comics. And the latter is, um, a digital drawing device.

That video up there is of my first go... which was fine, but by the 4th I was on FIRE (you'll be able to see that tomorrow. Hint - EVIL).

I have to say, it is by far and away the BEST piece of illustration software I've tried, certainly for line work.  It's just lush. None of the wobbly line problems you have to work around in Photoshop - the thing flows like a river. You feel like you're painting with real ink, and the response of thing, once you've got used to it, is almost perfect.

So, that's exciting. This is going to be a beautiful looking record, and an even lusher T-Shirt. Happy me.