VIDEO: Akira The Don VS Raekwon 1: On Coke-Rap Debt & Joe Budden

Guess who's hotel room I was hanging out in earlier?

Well, I suppose its obvious from the title. But, yeah. I was. Multi-talented all-round genius Joey2Tits and I went down a big posh ugly ass foux-future hotel in Canary Warf to meet The Chef, who was deeply hospitable, and chain smoking gun 'n' juice blunts. And listening to Wu-tang and Raekwon records. SUPER CLASSY.

We talked about the forthcoming Cuban Links 2, his relationship with RZA, the forthcoming Shaolin VS Wu-Tang LP, and aubergines (cheers Adam Walton), amongst other things. Afterwards I gave him a mixtape, so he gave me a mixtape (fresh! exclusive! whoo!) and he complemented me on having "crazy style" and "crazy energy". WIN!

I also showed him that Oh Word Wu-Tang/Peanuts shit, which he had never seen, and loved. I think he's gonna start using it on his Myspace or something.

The video above is a TINY bit of the conversation - look out for a full text article in next months issue of Kruger, and more video footage in the near future.

As reported earlier on The Quietus:

Raekwon has spoken up about the simmering beef between Joe Budden and hip hop legends Method Man and grandmaster Melle Mel. Budden posted a cross YouTube clip after he came further down a Vibe magazine list of the best rappers of all time than the likes of Method Man and Melle Mel.

Friend of the Quietus Akira The Don today interviewed Mr Chef and asked him what he thought of the beef between his old crewmate and Budden: "Everybody know he's not even near niggas. I ain't got nothing against Joe Budden, I don't know him, I don't care for him, but when he mentions one of my brothers it's like 'yo you out of character b'. It's something I feel he jumped in a pool with no water, he made a mistake.

"It's important to be yourself, but you've got to watch your mouth who you talk about because you never know, you know what I mean? We're the type of niggas, we don't give a fuck about that, we might approach you if we see you somewhere and really get at you. I don't want to start no negative shit, but I ain't wary of approaching niggas who get out of line".