VIDEO: Akira The Don - Video Highway (Unreleased 2009 Version) Well look what I just found on an old harddrive while I was looking for this footage of Narstie and Littles fighting over  carton of juice I wanted to upload cos it's flipping hilarious! It's the unreleased, not quite finished 2009 Video Highway video! OMFG!

In 2009 Video Highway was gonna come out as The Life Equation's first single, then it got nixed at the last minute cos we couldn't clear the sample. This video was shot entirely on a Kodak Zi60 (basically an early Flip cam) by me, Joey2tits and Michael Kinsella perks, and edited by me in Sony Vegas. It co-stars Mary Turner, whose voice you can hear on the song (and on lots of my other songs). It never got finished (the synch's off a lot), but I thought you might like to see it.

You can watch the official 2012 Video Highway video here (or at the bottom of this page), and you can cop the final version with the replaced sample on The Life Equation on iTunes and in the Don shop.

Now let's see what other nuggets we can find on this ole drive...