VIDEO: Akira The Don ft Big Narstie, MC Lars, Eddie Argos & Scroobius Pip - Living In The Future 2.5 I did it guys! My wedding is TOMORROW, but as promised, I finished the Living In The Future 2.5 video! HOOOO GRAAAGH!

Living In The future 2.5 is the 2011 version of my 2005 "borderline classic" (BBC wales, I would personally drop the "borderline", like Chris de Burgh (HA!) but the classic is bang on), featuring the all star cast of ME, Big Narstie, MC Lars, Eddie Argos & Scroobius Pip, all of whom put in legendary performances. It was produced by Joey2tits and myself, and is available now from The Donshop, iTunes and so on. If you're skint you can get a free 192 kbps download of track here.

The video was premiered on July 12th by The Quietus, who wrote:

Friend of The Quietus Akira The Don is getting married tomorrow, for which we congratulate him, and wish his beloved the best of luck. To celebrate these auspicious nuptials we have the video for his earworm track 'Living In The Future', below. In it Akira The Don and collaborators Big Narstie, MC Lars, Eddie Argos & Scroobius Pip muse upon the joys, perils, pitfalls and pleasures of this pixelated world in which we now live. Must be said that Eddie Argos looks as if he's enjoying a Chat Roulette session. Says Akira The Don: "MC Lars, Eddie Argos, Scroobius Pip and Big Narstie all filmed themselves from their various global positions with modern technology. Pip was in Essex, Narstie was in Brixton, I was in Hackney, Eddie was in Berlin and Lars was in new York. Hail to the future, and hail to my rap-superfriends and their abyssal inner beauty. May they live forever." We'll raise a glass to that.

The video was directed and edited by me, and the dope Skype-esque visual interface was created by the very talented Mike Simmons, who's work can be seen in the new Captain America movie.

I hope you enjoy it!