Up Loads The Manga Music

Ola brothers and sisters! ATD26 - Manga Music is uploading! NOW! And has been since YESTERDAY! YESSS!

2 days this has taken! Ah, I remember when i invented the only mixtape, and all you had to do was render a 68kbps MP3 file and upload it via Cute FTP. Now one has to encode a single stream MP3, separate single track FLAC, MP3 and video files... each of which require uploading to multiple places - Soundcloud, Ecwid, Youtube, etc - with multiple instances of metatdata, artwork, etecetera etcetera... I have been doing this metadating process now for 36 hours or something, and there are a few left... but I am still confident of getting it into your ears on the 24th of October, as promised. In fact, if you preordered, its winging it's way to you right now...

Hmm. Now I think of it, back in the 68kbps Cute FTP days it took two days to upload a single MP3. We sure have come a way since 2004.

Speaking of which, superstar comix and film auteur Alex de Campi is making a follow up to her Eisner award nominated Smoke, and is founding the art process via Kickstarter. I ordered the $30 hardback package. GET IN THERE SONS AND DAUGHTERS! For it is the path of the righteous.

The soundtrack to all this rendering, aside from Manga Music itself, has been mainly Riff Raff and TK Capone. Oh, and I was listening to the following interview with Pepe Escobar earlier, it was very interesting indeed.