Under The Pink

Under The Pink


Look what you did!

Goshdang comments section! Influencing my ish! That little sod was DEEEEEEAD! Dead like the dodo! Dead like BATMAN'S PARENTS!

And to all my readers who don't know what the hell that little pink thing is... get to know. That thing was here on May 20th 2004, same say I magically showed up. Oh what adventures we had over the years! Then, without a word... nothing. The lil' fella up and disappeared.

And all it took was one pink POP! to bring him back.

Oh, the magic of comics.

Anyway, it's pretty impressive that I got this strip done, as I cycled down to Shoreditch this evening to attend the exciting, and deeply moving Nat Finkelstein exhibition at Idea Generation and have a drink with my buddy Mister Muir, which could easily have lead to disaster... but you're going to learn that The Old Don keeps his promises. You gotta be able to put your faith in something... Well put your faith in me bubba! I hereby promise to bring you awesome stuff all year long! I AM AT YOUR SERVICE! OK? 2010! The future! Let's get it in! Whooooo!

Yes indeedy. The stuff I was cooking up for ATD20 was so good I almost couldn't bring myself to leave the house. The bass knocked my bass effects pod off the shelf, dammit! Really and truly, I have gotten so much better over the years. So much still to learn. But damn, practice does wonders. I can't bear to listen to my old stuff, but I'm glad I did it. You gotta get knocked on your ass ten thousand times before you get the black belt, as the American motivational speaker told me this evening. POW!

So. 10 days till ATD20. THE HEAT IS ON. Rah though. You still have time to make your voice heard. And as you might have noticed lately, I AM LISTENING. So let me know what you want in the comments.


EDIT: I nearly forgot! I am gonna kick off The All New Weekly Doncast today. LIVE! From Don Studios! Indeed! Now, I haven't quite settled on a time yet, any thoughts on this important matter?

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