Under Construction

Hahaha, stuff works. If you type doubleyou doubleyou doubleyou dot akirathedon dot com in to your web browsing thing, you come HERE! Which is where the Don LIVES! The Dog is also residing here at the moment, look there's a photo of him with some salt in my kitchen. See Big Pun looking on, beatifically. So, this is my new website, and I am in the middle of making it, along with the other things I am doing between now and the end of next week. And they are:

Get EP mixed and mastered and sounding real and draw a nice sleeve. . Finish album, 13 songs plus skits, to be mixed while I am on tour in June. . Produce three songs for h jones x. . Record vocals for song for Mothboy's album. . Finish ATD The Mixtape Vol. 2. . Record freestyles with Crack. . Record two songs with Crack. . My job. . Manage and rock a big green bus at Homelands. . Organise June tour. Wonder why everything is always so last minute. . And stuff.

I am going to sell fucking hundreds of records on Ebay. Unless you want them.

Hey, the new Method Man album is shitty. I was pretty upset. It's as shitty as the new Ghostface is dope. Oh well.

Hey, how are you feeling this font? I'm not sure, it'ds kind of cool, but not so easy on the eyeballs.